In the year 2013, the house of BADURA was founded under the artistic intuition of creative spirit, Aleksandra Badura.
A tireless traveller and innovative thinker, Aleksandra translates both her enthusiasm for ‘Made in Italy’ and her love for the distinct identity of the raw material into a hand-made collection of beautifully finished high-end accessories. An advocate of one-of-a-kind pieces, Aleksandra quickly cultivated her passion for tailor-made, custom apparel through the influence of family tradition. Exclusivity was instilled at a young age as she looked for style inspiration from her mother and grandmother, both of whom lived by their tailored wardrobes as a true and absolute ritual.
After relocating to Rome to pursue a postgraduate master’s degree in architecture and design, Aleksandra used her expertise to later collaborate with an architecture studio managing large, international projects. Following a very successful and gratifying career in world of interior design, she decided to focus on new career paths and to form her very own company. While developing and expanding her wealth of knowledge, she continuously refined her own concept of the term ‘luxury’ and began to utilize her acquired skills into new endeavors. Since this very day, Aleksandra passionately immerses herself into the construction and realization of luxury handbags. A great passion that has ignited curiosity ever since her teenage years.